I understand photos are an investment and want you to have all the information you need to feel the best about moving forward together!

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WHAT CAN WE EXPECT DURING OUR ENGAGEMENT SESSION? I am enthusiastic about what I do so I will always bring a smile and positive energy to every session. My goal is to keep my captures organic while still directing and guiding your engagement (no pun intended) with one another. Get lost in each others eyes for a moment, laugh and let your guard down. On average 45 minutes to an hour is the perfect amount of time for photography and one locale is plenty. Feel free to bring a change of clothes, props or something to freshen up your hair and makeup too!

WHEN SHOULD WE DO OUR ENGAGEMENT SESSION? Many couples use their photos for save the date announcements. Anytime before you walk down the aisle is fine with me but traditionally they are taken 6 months or more before wedding day.

CAN WE SCHEDULE OUR ENGAGEMENT SESSION FOR THE WEEKEND? Weekend dates are limited as they are reserved for weddings April through November. Please contact me to review my schedule.

WHERE DO YOU SUGGEST WE HAVE OUR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS TAKEN? Somewhere that means something to you…as long as it’s within 45 minutes of Chatham 🙂 But luckily there are so many beautiful locales to choose from. I would be happy to offer my suggestions and help guide you to that perfect spot!

CAN YOU HELP US WITH CLOTHING COORDINATION AND STYLING? Yes! My biggest suggestion is don’t match but compliment each other. And…barefoot is best for the beach so skip the fancy shoes and splurge on a great mani/pedi!

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT AT THE END OF OUR SESSION? Within a week or so I may post previews on my Facebook page, blog and/or Instagram. Turn around time is up to 4 weeks (but usually less). I will email you with a link to your gallery when your images are ready to view. 

MY WEDDING IS MORE INTIMATE. CAN YOU CUSTOM TAILOR A PACKAGE TO FIT OUR NEEDS? Absolutely, my packages are a guideline not every wedding will fit perfectly within their offerings.

DO YOU DO DESTINATION WEDDINGS? At this time I do not travel off Cape Cod for weddings but ask anyways – you never know!

HOW FAR SHOULD WE BOOK IN ADVANCE? Most couples book 9 months to a year and a half in advance. The shoulder seasons May/June and Sept/Oct Saturdays tend to book first so plan accordingly.

I'M READY TO BOOK! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? I will send you a contract electronically to review, sign and return with 25% down non-refundable deposit. Once all is retuned to me I will send a questionnaire to get to know more about your wedding day.

ANY DISCOUNT IF I PAY IN FULL? Yes, pay in full and receive 5% off your package!

WHAT PAYMENT DO YOU ACCEPT? Cash, check and credit card!

HOW MANY IMAGES DO YOU TYPICALLY DELIVER FROM A WEDDING?  I absolutely believe in quality over quantity but I understand the importance of this question as every studio is different. I first ask you to preview a full wedding of mine to see what you can expect. The short answer would be average 50-100 images per hour booked.


WHAT ARE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS? Just another way of a saying a digital file. Hi-resolution JPEGs downloaded to your computer via a .zip file.

WHAT RIGHTS DO I HAVE TO THE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS? You have royalty-free use. This means I keep the copyright but you have permission to print and share just not sell the images.

HOW LONG DO DOWNLOADS TAKE? Allow several hours. I usually start them before I go to bed and they are ready by morning.

DO YOU PROVIDE RAW FILES? I do not. All images provided to my clients are lightly edited and enhanced in JPEG form.

WHAT TYPE OF CAMERA/EQUIPMENT DO YOU USE? I am a Canon girl! Love my Mark iii & iv cameras  and my favorite lenses are my 50mm and my 70-200mm pink camera bag is stocked with flashes, wide angles, macros and everything in between…and backups of course!!!

DO YOU BACKUP OUR IMAGES? Yes! Actually as I am shooting RAW files onto a CF card my camera is simultaneously duplicating those files onto an SD card before I have even downloaded onto my computer! From there I have copies backed up on multiple hard drives and cloud storage. I guarantee your images backed up for a minimum of a year. They are safe with me! Just be sure to download and save them somewhere too! 


IF WE CHANGE OUR DATE OR CANCEL THE WEDDING, WILL WE RECEIVE OUR NON REFUNDABLE RETAINER BACK? Sorry, no. A retainer is in place to hold that date. If you change your wedding date or decide to cancel for whatever reason you will forfeit any monies paid. Please review our contract for specifics.

WHAT'S A FIRST LOOK? A fabulous event where the bride and groom see each other before they walk down the aisle. Formal photos are taken after the intimate meeting between the couple while everyones hair and makeup is still fresh and everyone now gets to enjoy cocktail hour which is usually reserved for photography.

CAN I SEE SAMPLE WORK FROM OUR WEDDING VENUE? I have many sample weddings to show. I may even have one for you to view from your wedding venue. Please inquire and I can send you a blog link!

DO YOU HAVE A SECOND SHOOTER? I do. Three girls who have worked with me consistently for years. They know to bring me an icy cup of ginger ale at the perfect moment to keep me going lol.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM A SESSION, START TO FINISH? Every session begins with an inquiry. After getting to know each other a little bit you will review my package options we will secure date, time and location with signed contract and deposit. We will meet at determined location and prepare for fun! I like to go flow and capture candids and casually posed moments. Expect a nice mix of formal posed photos of the entire group to begin and will break it down from there.

EEK! WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? My most popular question!! For starters where are we shooting? Is you session beach casual? Whimsical forest setting? A light theme will set the tone. My main suggestion is pick 2 or 3 colors and everyone wear at least one of those colors. You will compliment each other rather than being too matchy-matchy. Please avoid everyone wearing white button down shirts and khakis – a few people is fine though. When in doubt peruse my galleries, facebook teasers and Pinterest boards for inspiration! Do not hesitate to email me with idea you have.

DO YOU HAVE A STUDIO? Cape Cod is my studio. I am on location photographer specializing in natural light photography. No brick and mortar as of today!

WHERE SHOULD WE TAKE OUR PICTURES? Popular choice is the BEACH. I have some favorites I can share with you. If you’d like something different there are many beautiful backdrops to utilize on Cape Cod I can suggest. Wildflower field? Docks? Park? Forest? Just to name a few…

IS THERE A PERFECT TIME OF DAY FOR MY PHOTOS? Yes, there is a sweet light I like work with. Typically 1.5 hours before sunset depending on location. Depending on time of year I also offer sunrise sessions. 

WHAT IF I NEED TO RESCHEDULE? Please give me 72 hours or else you’ll forfeit your deposit.

WHAT IF THERE'S INCLEMENT WEATHER?  I will contact you prior if I see any issues in our forecast. We will reschedule if possible. If not I will refund your deposit. Inclement weather includes wind.

DO YOU USE PHOTOSHOP? I lightly enhance all photos in your gallery with special attention to color, contrast and sharpening. Any edits you’d like beyond that we may discuss further.

DO I NEED TO SIGN A CONTRACT AND PAY A DEPOSIT? Yes. I send contracts via email and 50% is due with it.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SEE MY PHOTOS? Please allow up to 4 weeks in the busy season especially.

HOW FAR SHOULD WE BOOK IN ADVANCE? Weekend dates are reserved for weddings (April thru Oct) and I release weekend dates if not booked a month before the date. If you’d like a weekend date please inquire now to be put on a wait list. Otherwise 2-3 months in advance is usually perfect to have first dibs on weekday openings.

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED I like to work within 30 minutes of Chatham, MA.

WHAT'S A MINI SESSION? Specialized theme sessions with time sensitivity and limited availability.
I only offer a few a year – these sessions cannot be booked privately or by request.

SHOULD WE BRING ANYTHING?  Props if you’d like and a change of clothes. Hair brush, wipes and lip gloss are good too! I always over prepare so if you’re the same way…towel to clean off sandy feet, favorite toy and a little treat for a well behaved child (or husband) at the end.